About Me

My name is Sarah Wright.  I am gearing up to start my fourth year as a middle school math teacher.  During my first three years of teaching I taught a combination of regular 8th grade math (which is basically pre-algebra), accelerated 7th grade math (which was more of an "honors" pre-algebra), and Algebra 1.  This year I will be teaching regular 8th grade math, Algebra 1, and Geometry (all to 8th graders).

I live and teach in Oklahoma City.  I grew up in southwest OKC, and went to college at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, OK.  As a child, and even as a freshman college student, I never thought I would be a teacher.  However, I finally gave in to God's calling on my life and have been happily teaching ever since.  I take my job seriously, and strive to be the best teacher that I can be.  Sometimes I make it, and other times I struggle.  Teaching is a growing and learning experience, and I don't know of any teacher who would say that they have 100% arrived at that elusive teaching perfection.  Thankfully, I don't mind a big goal and have set my sights on being my own personal best as an educator so that I can help my students be the best they can be as well.

In addition to being a teacher and a self-proclaimed math geek I am a musician, a reader, and a learner.  I love singing and playing the piano, and have been known to pick up a random instrument just to see if I can play it.  I am an avid reader in my spare time, and my range of interests is from young adult fiction (Harry Potter is my hero) to Christian Romance (again with the self-proclaimed geek) and everything in between.  Last but not least, I love learning knew things.  What's the point of telling my students to learn if I avoid it like the plague?  I read random articles for fun, research things that make me think, and have a not-so-secret desire to travel the world and learn every language I come across.

Also, I have always wanted to be a Disney princess. Or a superhero.  Or both.

While all of this ties together for a thoroughly strange (I prefer uniquely different) person, in my classroom I strive to follow the best advice ever given to me (thanks, mom):

Be yourself.  


  1. I checked out your Middle School Mathematics word wall, was awesome! Keep on rolling with your passion for teaching, it's a great life!

  2. are your Practice Geometry Proof handouts available on TpT ?