Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pinterest is working for me!!!

I have to admit up front: I am not the most creative or artsy person.  I love seeing ideas and things, but I usually end up thinking something along the lines of, "yeah right" when I think of actually making something myself.  That being said, Pinterest has made me bold.  I keep seeing really cute stuff that looks do-able for someone like me!  This is great!!

That being said, I saw a "no name board" on Pinterest and thought it looked like something I could actually pull off.  And so, for less than $5, I made my very own No Name Board.  Yay!!

If you are interested in making your own, here is what I bought to make this:
$1.99 beveled white board (from Michael's)
$1.00 pink glitter clothespins (also from Michael's)
$3.00 letter stickers (you guessed it - Michael's)
Michael's always has 40% off coupons so my total ended up being less than $5!

All I did was stick on the letters, and then I used super glue to glue down the clothes pins.  SUPER easy!!

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