Saturday, August 17, 2013

Classroom Decorations!

I'm one of those middle school teachers that really likes to have a decorated classroom.  Now I know that 8th graders are getting older and aren't in elementary school anymore, but that doesn't mean that they should sit in a bland cookie-cutter room every day.  Plus, I spend hours in my classroom each day, and I don't want it to be bland either!  All that to say, I have been busy decorating, and I'm pretty pleased with the result.

This is the inside of the cabinet behind my desk.  It isn't technically decorating, but it is organization at its finest!  I've never had my stuff so organized at the beginning of the school year.  Clear plastic tubs - the BEST thing I've ever done.  No labels necessary since you can see right in!

This is the full-effect of the word wall that I mentioned in a previous post.  I love that it is colorful and neat, and full of good math vocabulary.  Side note:  I tried to only put up words that I will use frequently in the classroom.  Unit specific words will have their own place so that the kids aren't crazy overwhelmed by it all.

This board is my solution to the ever present "What do I do now?" questions that come from middle school students.  I tried it last year and it really worked for me.  The two folders at the bottom will be stuffed each week with special problems.  It is optional, not another assignment, and I keep the problems random and fun so the kids don't mind figuring them out.

These are two pieces of wall art that I made to break away from the traditional classroom posters.  I bought a two-pack of white canvas, painted them, and then added the magazine letters.    Easy, cheap, and they make my room more like home.

(gotta have a little math humor!)

This is where I will be writing the learning goal for each day.  I used magnet tape (best find ever!) to put it up, so if I need more room I can simply adjust the horizontal pieces to give myself more room.  Also, using bulletin board border for this was a brilliant idea.  I usually use colored masking tape to tape off a grid, but it's impossible to get straight and ends up driving me crazy.  Problem solved!

Last but not least - desks AND tables!  I love having seating options in my room.  It's amazing how good the kids will be just to earn a chance to sit at the tables!

 I finally got everything exactly how I want it - now I just need the students!  School starts Monday!


  1. Hi, Sarah. I really enjoy reading your blog. Lots of great ideas!

  2. do you have examples of the problems you use in the folders?